Integrating IoT with Tactical Considerations Towards Improvements in Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122)

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Faisal Karim Hamdani
Shahid Farid
Zanab Safdar
Khurshid Asghar
Adnan Karim Hamdani


Emergency services contribute a lot for wellbeing and comfort of society by promoting virtues of goodwill gestures. In Pakistan, emergency services took a long time to start in the form of Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) in the year 2004. The PES has put its remarkable efforts to provide quality emergency services which is acknowledged by the community. However, it still needs improvements from different perspectives like inclusion and integration of IoT based apparatus, incorporating emergency medical services (EMS) with e-health systems, integration of call monitoring software and vehicle tracking system, inclusion of technology based decision support system, advancements in operational communication, safety and protection of rescuers during operations, addition of helicopter emergency service etc. The state of the art literature is still deficient to comprehensively cover the topic under reference. The study successfully addresses this deficiency by thoroughly exploring different aspects of the PES in critical constructive way leading towards technological and tactical improvements. The study mainly proposes a novel IoT based EMS inclusive E-health architecture and a unified emergency operational model to improve service quality of the PES marvelously from various perspectives like collaborative response, promoting safety and precautionary measures for emergency reduction etc.

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