Data Acquisition and Analysis Model for EGovernment

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Amjad Farooq
Tasawer Nawaz
Rizwan Abbas


Abstract- e-Government technology has become major tool to facilitate citizens of a country and improve performance of a government. Some countries have successfully integrated it while others are still trying to incorporate it for the betterment of their governance. In this research, we explore existing web-based systems like social media and study how these systems are used for collecting data that can be utilized to improve governance. Then we propose and develop new system, which fetches data from common citizens regarding the performance of government, analyses that data and suggests how government agencies can use this data to improve their governance. In existing systems, government agencies can interact with common citizens in one way but using our developed system common citizens can also interact with them. Using our system government can collect data from common citizens and analyze this data for decision-making and good governance.

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AHSAN NAZIR, University Of Engineering And Technology Lahore

Department of Computer science and engineering UET Lahore