Small size printed antenna using Defected Ground Structure

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Shahid Bashir
Faiz Ullah
Amin Khan


A novel technique for designing small size printed antenna is proposed which is suitable for portable and multifunctional communication systems. Our proposed design consists of dielectric cylinders of high permittivity placed along the edges of patch and ground plane incorporating defected ground structure (DGS) with I-shaped, F–shaped and L-shaped slots. Size reduction of up to 66% as compared to conventional antenna has been obtained. The other key feature of this antenna is multiband band response in frequency range of 1-8GHz with good gain (3.5dB - 4.1dB) and improved impedance band width. This small size printed antenna can be used in mobile phone for WiMAX, GPS, WLAN and Bluetooth. All the simulations have been done using 3D EM tool CST MWS.

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