Towards Reducing the Damage of Fire through Firefighting Autonomous Robot

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Usama Bin Abad
Muhammad Asif
Maaz Bin Ahmad
Toqeer Mahmood
Ammar Hashmi
Muhammad Ahmed Cheema


In most of the offices in Pakistan, the water spray is usually used as a fire extinguisher agent to control moderate fire. This traditional practice smothers the fire at the cost of damage in terms of electronics equipment and documents located in the vicinity of the fire. To reduce the damage rate, an autonomous firefighting robot is developed that first detects fire with the help of flame sensors, then automatically reach to the fireplace and extinguishes the fire through releasing the cloud of carbon dioxide gas. Moreover, it is capable of sending notification through Short Message Service (SMS) to the concerned person or rescue departments. A series of tests have been performed on an implemented robot and the results show that it functions well as intended.

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