Optimization of Gain Flattening Filter to Achieve Flat Gain of EDFA for DWDM Chaotic Communication

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Farhan Qamar
Muhammad Khawar
Muhammad Zafarullah
Asim Shahzad


In this paper the design of 8-channel DWDM (Dense wavelength division multiplexing) chaotic system at frequencies ranging from 193.0 THz to 193.7 THz is presented. The chaotic signals are generated with semiconductor laser and mathematically modeled by laser rate equation. The Gain flattening filter (GFF) is used with EDFA (Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier) to uniformly amplify all the channels. The optimization of Gain Flattening Filter is done in chaotic environment to achieve the flattened gain profile of EDFA. The synchronization of chaos at transmitter and receiver is achieved to recover the received signal. Thus, our scheme combines two advantages i.e. efficient bandwidth utilization and security at the same time in DWDM communication model.

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