Study and Analysis of Magneto Hydro Dynamic Power Generation Technology and its Temperature Sustainability

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Zulfiqar Khattak
Sifat Shah


The MHD power generation processes is fundamentally based on physic background of space plasma and its working is based on faradays law of electromagnetic induction. The electricity is directly extracted from thermal energy of plasma (ionized gas) which is passing through the strong magnetic field. This research paper reviews the diverse values of the power generation by the magneto hydrodynamic generator using the basic MHD equation by evaluating different values in the equation of changed variables. It also determines the graphical representation of the variables involves in the evaluation of the power generated by the MHD generator which is the basic information in design analysis and extracting of power output by MHD generator. The research paper suggests the replacing of coal with nuclear reactor (Uranium) and its benefits and effect on environment. It also covers the temperature sustainability of the MHD generator working at high temperatures and the metals to be used to avoid any damages due to high temperatures and to sustain temperature at high levels. Moreover, potential use of nuclear energy means in place of conventional fuels has been presented.
Key words: MHD (Magneto hydrodynamic Generator, Magnetic field, Hall parameter, Temperature sustainability.

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