Utilization of Exhaust Heat of Internal Combustion Engines for Cooling Purpose: A Review

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Asif Khan
Hafiz Muhammad ali
Shahab Khuhnood
Syed Shan-e-Haider Shah
Muhammad Nouman ali


Thermal energy is predominantly released through the coolant and exhaust systems of a typical internal combustion engine. About 20% of the energy released during combustion power produced by burning fuel has the potential to be used for work output and remaining 70-80 % as a part of waste heat as friction, exhausts gas and engine cooling system. This paper presents a brief review of studies conducted by the previous researchers on cooling produced in moving vehicles by using vapor absorption system. It provides information about the importance of utilizing this heat energy released through the exhaust system of internal combustion engines to develop a refrigerant system which does not require the electricity as a primary input.

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Asif Khan, SCET, Wah Cantt

MED, SCET, Wah CanttLecturer