Classified Structures and Cryptanalysis of Wg-7, Wg-8 and Wg-16 Stream Ciphers

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Abdul Hakeem Majid
Muhammad Anwar
Muhammad Waqar Ashraf


The family of WG stream cipher is good for the security of resource constrained devices, they have good randomness properties. These ciphers applied efficiently on Microcontrollers, RFID tags and Sensor nodes. Structures of these ciphers are simple and easy to implement. Security of these ciphers against Time/Memory/Data tradeoff attack, algebraic attack, correlation attack, differential attack, distinguishing attack, cube attack and discrete fourier transform attack. Implementation on 4-bit microcontroller ATAM893D, 8-bit microcontroller ATmega128L from Atmel and 16-bit microcontroller MSP430 from Texas instruments offering a good security on these devices. Comparison with the other stream ciphers, series of lightweight WG stream ciphers WG-7, WG-8 and WG-16 better secured for lightweight embedded applications regarding their utilization of energy and the performance.

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