Mechanical Characterization of Copper NanoParticles based Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites

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Muhammad Ali Nasir
Sharjeel Isaac
Riffat Asim Pasha
Aneela Wakeel, Dr
Tanzeel Ur Rashid


Polymeric composites are being usedextensively used in aerospace, automobile,transportation, chemical, construction and logisticsindustries. Copper Nanoparticles reinforced GFRPcomposites have been fabricated to enhance electricaland thermal properties. This project focuses on theaddition of the copper nanoparticles and glass fiberreinforced in epoxy-based composites and theirproperties were probed using certain techniques whichinclude tensile, impact and micro hardness. It wasobserved that properties mentioned before wereenhanced due to the addition of CuNPs. Microscopiccharacterization was investigated by using Scanningelectron microscope and it was observed that CuNPsand glass fibers are properly dispersed in epoxy. Afterperforming the tests, with 8 wt.% of CuNPs and glassfibers better results (tensile, impact and microhardness) are obtained which favors the material to beused in automotive and aerospace application to someextent.

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