Effect of Investigating the Challenges in the Management of Civil and Oil & Gas Industry Projects by Using Knowledge Management in Projects Fields

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Alireza Lork
Seyedeh Sima Shahebrahimi
Abdolrasoul Telvari


In this research, the effect of investigating the present challenges in the management of civil and oil and gas industry projects using PMBOK[1] fields associated with the civil projects of the oil and gas industry was studied. In this order, the analysis of the multi-stage process data was utilized during which the data were provided by employing the collection tools in the statistical sample and these items were the results extracted from the questionnaire which were summarized, encoded, classified and eventually processed in order to establish the basis of various analyses and the relationship among these data. The results obtained from the research implied that there is a significant positive relationship between using the knowledge and management fields of the project and reducing the present challenges in the management of the civil and oil and gas projects. Neglecting the project integration and the other fields of knowledge leads to nonfulfillment of objectives and failure in the projects. Prolongation of time, overrun, an increase in the change of tasks and change of the working range, reduction of quality, an increase in the negative risks and the reduction of the positive risks are identified as some of the present challenges in the projects. Following the investigation of these items, it was revealed that there is a significant relationship between 9 fields of the project management knowledge and the project integration management with the most influence from other fields and all process groups in oil and gas. These results were some of the most important items which were determined by ranking the fields through the multiple regression analysis (test).
[1] Project Management Body of Knowledge

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