One Dimensional Non-Linear Ground Response Analysis-A Site Specific Case Study of Peshawar District, Pakistan

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Khalid Mahmood
Qaiser Iqbal
Hassan Khan


We present a one-dimensional non-linear ground response analysis conducted for a specific site at Peshawar District, Pakistan. The geotechnical properties and shear wave velocity from standard penetration test, confirmed the site as Sc according to the building code of Pakistan. The input ground motion used at the depth of bedrock are selected from strong motion database that are compatible to the seismic hazard of the site.  The surface Fourier Amplification factor obtained from the ground response analysis showed amplification for all input motions near the site fundamental period. The higher amplification factor and spectral value is obtained in case of input motion that is stronger near the site fundamental period. The ground response analysis results show that, in case of same soil model, the variation of peak acceleration along the depth of soil profile depends on the acceleration response spectrum of input motion. The stronger the spectral acceleration value near the site fundamental period, the greater the amplification factor and thus higher peak ground acceleration is obtained.     

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