A Lean-Green-Agile and Resilient Combination Towards Sustainable Manufacturing- A Review

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Muhammad Zeeshan Rafique
Hamid Iftikhar Qureshi
Muhmmad Umar Malkana
Syed Mustafa Haider
Muhammad Atif


The modern manufacturing operations are always towards sustainable production through sustainable operations. Lean Manufacturing is one of the leading liner to increase operational efficiency in manufacturing industry but somewhere lacks to attain sustainable production. It has been observed that when the most common manufacturing paradigm are lean, green, agile, resilient, green and sustainability to attain sustainable production. In order to understand this, a literature study conducted in this research that focuses on the study of previous available literature regarding all these paradigms (lean, agile, resilient, green, and sustainability) and explain their looping among each other. The literature study results that the lean is straightly helpful in reduction of non-value added actives, agile is helpful to manage market demands and volatility among orders, resilience is helpful to handle uncertain disruptions during manufacturing, green is helpful to attain green and environmental friendly production with the alignment of sustainable production through sustainability which is affective in all environmental, economic and social implications. This literature study is highly helpful to understand, manage and clarify all the prominent paradigms of manufacturing on one platform which is a good contribution of academicians and practitioners working in this field

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Rafique, M. Z., Qureshi, H. I., Malkana, M. U., Haider, S. M., & Atif, M. (2020). A Lean-Green-Agile and Resilient Combination Towards Sustainable Manufacturing- A Review. Technical Journal, 25(01), 30-49. Retrieved from https://tj.uettaxila.edu.pk/index.php/technical-journal/article/view/1004