Automatic Water Tanker Filler Using IOT With Adafruit Cloud

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Attique Ur Rehman
Muhammad Idress
Sajid Mahmood
Moiz Uddin Ahmed


This is a NodeMCU base regular water level manager and pointer project. In these research papers, we are going to compute the level of water by using sound sensors. The sound sensors utilize the theory of ‘'echo''. When the sound effects are transmitting, they return without any difficulty. Hence, by using this rule, we can compute the time of move for leaving as well as recurring. By calculation, we can get the distance. We can set the motor pump turns ON by design when the water level is less in the water tank. There is a lot of drinking water tragedy in Pakistan, and also in other countries. Today we need to save water at any price. In Pakistan, we can see many houses as overloaded tanks and they keep on overflowing water. It wastes much water as well as electricity. If we don't do anything then we will face a huge shortage of water. Here we are going to apply a mechanical water level organizer for the reason we no longer have to manually switch ON and OFF the motor. There are two options; first, we can set the water filler on automatic mode and the second one we can turn it the automatic mode off. When the automatic mode is off the motor is no going to be on no matter what's the water level is. These two modes can be controlled by using the AdaFruit cloud or by Short Service Message. AdaFruit cloud sends and receives the data by using MQTT. The device automatically monitors the water level and hence triggers the relay which in turn triggers the motor. This helps in reducing the wastage of water as electricity. This also reduces manpower as we no longer need to operate it manually

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