Engineering Properties & Comparison of Potential Aggregates Sources obtains from Newly Merged Districts of (FATA) KP, Pakistan

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Mirza Ali
Arbab Imran Khan
Rahmat Ali


The paper present the categorical behavior of coarse aggregates obtains from various existing quarries in the federally administered tribal area, FATA Pakistan, for use to make coarse aggregates concrete. The most easily accessible sites were selected because it meets the demands of Peshawar city as well as FATA. The potentiality was checked through numerous scientific tests such as Bulk Density, aggregate Soundness test, Los Angeles test, Gradation technique of coarse aggregates in these areas. Moreover, the water absorption tests that were carried out on the obtained specimen to assess their engineering behavior as per ASTM specification. Based on experimental study of this research, sources from the Basai area (lat.33° 40’ to 33° 05’N; long. 71° 04’ to 71° 98’E) (Khyber Agency) and Bazid Khel area (lat. 33° 68’to 33° 40N; long. 71° 51’ to 71° 60’E) Darra Adam Khel (FR. Kohat) revealed the properties as per ASTM. The obtained results reveal that aggregates can be suitable for the structural component. According to ASTM specification, Basai and Darra Adam Khel coarse aggregates are good alternatives because these construction aggregates are relatively lower in cost because of less distance between Peshawar and Darra Adam Khel. This present source can prove itself as a readily alternative of coarse aggregates to the construction industry of Pakistan. Kirana hills at (lat. 31° 96’ to 31° 67’N; long.72° 70 to 72° 29’E)  and Margalla hills (lat. 33° 74’to 33° 39’N; long.73° 02’to 73° 28’E) are the approved sources of aggregates in Pakistan.

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