IoT based Smart Patient Health Monitoring with Ambulance Tracking System for Pakistan

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Engr. Tayyab Ali
Ihsan ul Haq
Khizer Mehmood
Muhammad Imran
Usman Iftikhar


Abstract-- Now a days accidents occur everywhere and ambulances try to save the injured person before he dies but many lives are being expired before the person reaches the hospital due to unavailability of basic information about the condition of the patient and considerable amount of time is wasted because of ambulance stuck in traffic jams and congestion on roads. In order to address these issues, an Internet of Thing (IoT) based health monitoring and ambulance tracking system is proposed in this research work. Healthcare is one of the vital applications of IoT, which can be utilized to examine the health of a remote patient. IoT makes medical equipment more proficient by allowing real-time monitoring of patient’s health through various biomedical sensors. In IoT based health monitoring system, different parameters regarding patient’s health are measured through particular medical devices (sensors) and transmitted through IoT devices; while in an ambulance, sent to an internet cloud where it is stored and analyzed for the pretreatment purposes. The stored data of various sensors can be visualized on a computer or on a mobile phone via an android application. The main premise of the research is that, when the patient is in an emergency condition, the ambulance should reach the hospital utmost fast and should send the information regarding the condition of the patient to the concerned hospital for the prior arrangements before the treatment. Meanwhile, a pretreatment can also be initiated in the ambulance, once the doctor advices after seeing the condition of the patient via IoT platform. The research work consists of two major goals. First goal is to examine the condition of patient after acquiring different parameters like heartbeat, electrocardiography and temperature etc in the ambulance and sent to the hospital using IoT before ambulance arrival to the hospital. The second goal is to send the location, containing longitude and latitude of incoming ambulance to the hospital unit using global positing system (GPS). This valuable research is helpful in saving the precious lives of patients due to delay in treatments. Moreover, it is recommended that Internet of Things (IoT) provides the effective and reliable solutions for the effective patient monitoring at reduced cost and it also reduces the transaction between disease management and patient outcome.
Keywords-- Smart ambulance, Biomedical systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Global Positing System (GPS)

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Ali, E., Haq, I., Mehmood, K., Imran, M., & Iftikhar, U. (2023). IoT based Smart Patient Health Monitoring with Ambulance Tracking System for Pakistan. Technical Journal, 28(03), 38-48. Retrieved from

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