Design and Cost Comparison of High Rise Building Structural Systems Using Performance-Based Design

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Nauman Khurram
Farhan Tahir
Usman Akmal
Irfan ul Hassan


In this study, a computer aided analytical comparison is carried out for bundled tube structural system and moment resisting frame system for 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 storeys buildings using Performance-Based Design method, under selected performance level. Seismic and wind loading are considered in addition to gravity loadings as these loadings play a predominant role in the selected tall buildings structural systems and the structure can experience inelastic state while experiencing the ultimate conditions of these loadings. Therefore, a detailed investigation of the actual behavior of the structure is carried out by performance-based design method that gives us an insight into the behavior of structure by identifying the potential weak members, failure modes and ultimate collapse of structure. At the end, structural cost for both systems is also determined. Bundle tube structural system is found to be the most efficient system in terms of performance and cost.

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