An Approach for Evaluating & Ranking Ontologies with Applications in Biomedical Domain

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Samiullah Khan
Saadat Hanif Dar
Zeshan Iqbal, Dr.
Bushra Zafar
Nouman Ali
Tehmina Khalil, Dr


Since last few decades, the biomedical ontologies are being developed from numerous knowledge bases and these ontologies act as an effective mean of organizing medical knowledge. Ontologies play a significant role in the structural organization of the available medical information that enable efficient knowledge discovery and access in many biomedical applications. Recently, due to abrupt expansion in biological data and knowledge in the form of biomedical ontologies, the attention of their usefulness increases in research. Meanwhile, there are some challenges of accurately building and maintaining ontologies so that their benefit of re-usability in the respective fields can be implemented. The evaluation of ontologies is an open research problem due to the complexity in their structure. Keeping this in view, in this research study, we aim to investigate the reuse and applications of these ontologies. To achieve our research goal, the proposed approach is designed on the core building blocks such as concepts, classes, sub-classes, super-classes, instances/ individuals of classes, triple components including subjects, predicates, objects and different properties. When domain knowledge is combined with these structural components, it generates a well-structured ontology. The performance of proposed research elaborates the structural strength in a comprehensive way.

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Khan, S., Dar, S., Iqbal, Z., Zafar, B., Ali, N., & Khalil, T. (2020). An Approach for Evaluating & Ranking Ontologies with Applications in Biomedical Domain. Technical Journal, 25(02), 95-109. Retrieved from