Performance Evaluation of Filter Used In Groundwater Recharging Through Wells

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Khawaja Adeel Tariq
Syed Ali Husnain
Muhammad Mudassar
Muhammad Awais


Water has significant importance in life. Groundwater is one of the main source which is used for different purpose (drink, agriculture, etc) and needs. It should be free from different types of impurities and sediments in order to make it drinkable. The rainwater runoff plays a vital role to sustain the water table beneath the surface of the earth. The quality of groundwater is affected by different impurities as runoff makes its way to groundwater table. In many areas of Pakistan, ground water recharging wells are installed to recharge the groundwater table. Soil are natural filter which purifies water from the sediments. Many factors are involved that affects the efficieny of natural filter. In this study, an attempt has been made to find the best combination of filter for water purification. A series of experiments were conducted on custom made equipment. The thickness of filter layer, material type, gradation is also varied in order to find optimum result. The results have indicated that the filter that results in high discharge rate can be install in the area where a slight purification of water is required.

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Tariq, K. A., Husnain, S. A., Mudassar, M., & Awais, M. (2021). Performance Evaluation of Filter Used In Groundwater Recharging Through Wells. Technical Journal, 26(01), 9-14. Retrieved from
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Khawaja Adeel Tariq, Chenab College of Engineering and Technology Gujranwala, Pakistan

HOD, Department of Civil Engineering