Fire Retardant Finishing of Cotton Fabrics

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Muhammad Ilyas Sarwar
Azmat Hussain
Waqar Iqbal
Amna Sidique
Fatima Naseer
Abid Latif
Tahir Sultan
Danish Iqbal


The cellulosic nature of cotton fibre makes it flammable material and it is one of the key reasons behind excessive fire accidents within the textile industry. The importance of fire retardant finishes can’t ignore which significantly enhance the resistance to flammability of cotton fabrics. Cross linkers used as a binder for fire retardant finishes to fix them with textile material in order to make it long-lasting. The addition of sustainable cross-linkers enhanced the utilization of fire retardant finishes exclusively upon kids’ wear. The softeners play a pivot role to reduce the stiffness produced by the utilization of cross linkers and finishes. In this research work eco-friendly cross-linker was used to enhance the stability of fire retardant finishes upon cotton fabric. The study showed an enhancement in the fire retardant properties by increasing the proportion of flame retardant in addition to the proportion of phosphoric acid. When cross-linker was added to the finish solution, the results indicate that the addition of cross-linker itself increase the flame retardancy. The addition of softener not only imparts softness in the treated cotton fabric, but also enhances the strength of finished fabrics.

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Sarwar, M., Hussain, A., Iqbal, W., Sidique, A., Naseer, F., Latif, A., Sultan, T., & Iqbal, D. (2021). Fire Retardant Finishing of Cotton Fabrics. Technical Journal, 26(3), 31-35. Retrieved from

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