Information-Centric Networking-enabled 5G Network Support for IoT-based Environment

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Saqib Daud
Syed Mushhad Mustuzhar Gilani
Asif Kabir
Qamar Nawaz
Ghulam Mustafa


Fifth-generation (5G) technologies are considered as next-generation networks having newfeatures and good quality of services. It also promises higher data rates in comparison withexisting 4G technology. As, Internet of Things (IoT) requires heterogeneous networks to process a large amount of data, so researchers may need to address different design requirements and challenging issues related to delay and jitter on the access side by the integration of Information Centric Networking (ICN) with 5G IoT network. In this paper, we present a comprehensive analytical study of ICN based 5G IoT networks to identify the limitations and major research gaps related toenergy consumption and best forwarding strategy. Some of the challenging issues related to ICN, energy, load balancing, routing protocols overheads, content delay also been discussed. At the end of this paper, a case study has been presented to discuss and evaluate performance ofdelay and jitter metrices on the access side of ICN based 5G IoT network with the help of different scenarios.

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Daud, S., Gilani, S. M., Kabir, A., Nawaz, Q., & Mustafa, G. (2023). Information-Centric Networking-enabled 5G Network Support for IoT-based Environment. Technical Journal, 27(04), 35-43. Retrieved from

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