Analyzing the Behaviour of DDOS Cyber Attacks

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Muhammad Ahsan Raza
Tanvir Fatima Naik Bukht
Mubashir Ali
Attique Ur Rehman
Muhammad Idrees


The digital environment of cyber society is also being affected by intruders, cybercriminals, and neighboring countries. Because of this, ongoing research in cybersecurity is playing an important role and a significant impact on society. This research aims to measure the level of cyber-attack and analyze the behavior of cyber-attacks via ICT (Information and communications technology) tools. Two organizations of Pakistan have been chosen to analyze their behavior. We conducted the result of the DDoS attack by using Wireshark and LOIC. DDoS (TCP flooding) attack is chosen to analyze the behavior (before, during, and after the attack). We can improve security by highlighting gaps, weak points, and solutions to control crimes.

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