Solitons in ETG driven magneto-plasma with respect to entropy

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Tasawar Abbas
Javed Iqbal
Muhammad Naseer Khan
Muhammad Sarmad Arshad
Sanaa Anjum


The finding of the connection of plasma density and temperature with entropy provides a way for researchers to investigate different plasma models with respect to entropy. After including the entropy drift in ETG mode, linear dispersion relation and KdV equation are derived. It is noticed that entropy affects the width and amplitude of rarefactive solitons in ETG mode. It is also noticed that entropy enhances the effects of magnetic field and inhomogeneity drift on the structure of solitons. Only rarefactive solitons are found in this case. This

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Abbas, T., Iqbal, J., Khan, M., Arshad, M., & Anjum, S. (2022). Solitons in ETG driven magneto-plasma with respect to entropy. Technical Journal, 27(01), 118-123. Retrieved from