Urban Regeneration: An Instrument for Redevelopment of the Slums

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Fatima Tuz Zahra
Saima Gulzar
Bazla Manzoor
Ayaz Mahmood


The rapid trend of urbanization in different countries worldwide is forging informal settlements. These unplanned and unauthorized settlements are the major cause of slum formations and needs redevelopment strategies for better community development. Pakistan unfortunately is facing the tremendous population growth with uncontrolled urbanization. Lahore which is the major metropolitan city of Punjab is challenged by huge informal settlements throughout the city. The social, economic and environmental problems created due to slums has endangered the city. The research has addressed the issues of targeted slum development in the city of the Lahore and formulated an urban renewal strategy as a result for the community. The research methodology includes site survey, questionnaire survey and interviews of residents to identify the issues and their causes. Furthermore, the physical upgrading plan for the urban renewal of the area was also formulated that contributed in the social sustainability of the community. The proposed interventions in the built environment act as catalyst for the improved urban image of the area and can be replicated in the other parts of the city as well.

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Zahra, F., Gulzar, S., Manzoor, B., & Mahmood, A. (2023). Urban Regeneration: An Instrument for Redevelopment of the Slums. Technical Journal, 27(04), 1-8. Retrieved from https://tj.uettaxila.edu.pk/index.php/technical-journal/article/view/1755