Sensor Based Interpretation of Brain-Computer Technology: A Systematic Literature Review

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Attique Ur Rehman
Muhammad Idrees


A collection of technologies that researchers are interested in is the Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). A BCI technology enables people, without using peripheral nerves and muscles, to function in their environment by using only brain activity. The main objective of BCI technology is to develop systems that allow users with disabilities to interact with others, control artificial limbs or control their environment. This article presents the systematic literature review(SLR) by conducting a scoping analysis of biomedical ethical literature to define and differentiate the main brain-computer interface associated problems usage, exploring the ethics concerns cited in various fields, Way of life, and medication, among others. The main objective of the systematic literature review is to provide a summary of the social, legal, and ethical issues of the brain-computer interface and discuss their results and solutions by reading different reviews about BCI. This investigation has been collected by reviewing research studies published in renowned sites between 2013 and 2020. Moreover, the data for the BCI issues performed by different conferences and journals. The study has been performed based on brain-computer interface and that one possible transformation into therapeutic interference causes huge ethical, authorized, and community problems, especially through the regard towards the individuality, disgrace, self-reliance, safety, ethics of research, safety, transparency, Justice, and equity. An aggregate of 56 articles was recognized out of which 31 studies were included. Amongst them, 25 articles contain usability issues of BCI that helps in finding the issues in various fields. Furthermore, 6 articles help in overcoming usability issues. The result revealed the BCI issues that were identified in the medical and non-medical fields. Finally, the future investigation of BCI works on resolving a lack of useful solutions for the moral difficulties.

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