Experimental Evaluation of Mohr Columb Strength Parameter with Grain Size of Granular Soils

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Zia ur Rehman
Usama Khalid
Khalid Mahmood


Shear strength is a very important property of soils. Shear strength of granular soils can be determined from angle of internal friction. To determine angle of internal friction direct shear test or triaxial test is performed. These tests are expensive, laborious and required expertise. There is need to develop the quick method for prediction of the angle of internal friction. One such method of quick prediction is to develop the prediction models, correlating quickly assessable properties with tediously determined parameters. Grain size distribution of soil is very easy and quick to determine.   Authors established the relationship between grain sizes and angle of internal friction. Authors also investigated the effect of size and shape of grains of soils on the angle of internal friction. Finally, prediction models were established using grain percentage of sand and percentage of fines as predictors. The validity of developed models is also checked on a separate set of soil samples.

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