A Security Model for IoT based Systems

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Zanab Safdar
Shahid Farid
Maruf Pasha
Kalsoom Safdar


Internet of Things (IoT) is novel emerging Internet based system for the exchange of information to provide efficient services regardless of time and place. IoT technology is playing a vital role in the current environment due to its wide spread applications in every domain of life like industrial, social, health care and domestic applications. IoT directly affects the security and privacy of all its involved entities as reported in the literature. Therefore, this study aims to propose a Security Enabled Model to provide secure end to end communication in IoT environment. Intensive literature review has been conducted to identify and investigate various security and privacy challenges encountered by the IoT environment. Proposed model ensures security at each layer of IoT. These layers includes i)perception layer which provides authentication process for the identification of fake nodes ii) network layer that emphasis on data security process through cloud platform and iii) application layer which provides authentication for the end users. Results show that small sensing devices need to be highly focused in order to make them more secure, lightweight encryption techniques need to be developed. Furthermore, sensing device are required to be more secure and protected from unauthorized access.

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