Assessing the Site Selection, Operation and Management of Waste Disposal Site in Islamabad

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Ghulam Sarwar Sandhu
Malik Asghar Naeem
Zaigham Abbas
Abdul Waheed


The purpose of this study is to assess the selection, designing management and operation of municipal solid waste disposal site against the international and national site parameters. The methodology adopted for the study involves the literature review, semi-structured questionnaire survey and in-depth interviews with the Capital Development Authority (CDA) staff, academia, practitioners and waste scavengers to collect first hand information. The present municipal waste disposal site is situated in the middle of a residential settlement and as such, does not meet the criteria of appropriate distance from the human habitat. It is discovered from the interviews of the CDA staff that there is neither any development nor any facilities for the staff at site and even paved track is not available to access the tipping area. The limits of waste dumping area are undefined and tipping area changes on need basis. Representatives of the renowned NGOs, private practitioners and the academia have shown serious concerns over the site location, inadequate facilities, inappropriate operation and consequent environmental impacts on the surrounding communities in particular and the twin cities in general. Input of a wide range of interviewees is useful for selection and development of future waste disposal site on sound Town Planning principles to eradicate the adverse impacts on the environment.  

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