Role of PSO in formation of Underwater Autonomous Vehicles

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Gul Rukh Khan
Carlo Novara
Sheeraz Ahmed
Khalid Haseeb
Atif Ishtiaq


PSO plays an important role in Formation control of underwater swarm robots that is based on Assisting Mechanism Theory (AMT) of underwater autonomous vehicles (UAVs) in a group surveillance. This article enables formation stabilization of underwater swarm robots, obstacles and collision avoidance in between and outside the group. It is also ensuring locating and detecting intruders with the clearance of communication issue of the decentralized and self-organized behavior of PSO from the beginning time instance. This article is also very helpful in serving as reference model for detecting multiple intruders and also in assisting mechanism theory of multiple UAVs.

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Khan, G., Novara, C., Ahmed, S., Haseeb, K., & Ishtiaq, A. (2018). Role of PSO in formation of Underwater Autonomous Vehicles. Technical Journal, 23(03), 62-72. Retrieved from
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Gul Rukh Khan, Higher Education Commission, Pakistan

Higher Education Commision, Pakistan.But, Now I am in Politecnico di Torino, Italy.