Appraisal of National Housing Policy-A Case of Pakistan

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Dr. Fariha Tariq
Muhammad Salman
Javeria Hasan
Zunaira Zafar
Sana Malik
Minahil Nawaz
Areesha Gul
Nida Batool Sheikh


Housing backlog, being a global commonality, is the biggest outcome of continued urbanization. Land, infrastructure, finance, administrative bodies, real estate markets and most importantly role of government are most significant factors in this regard, and the tool through which the Governments intervene is usually known as housing guideline or housing policy. Through a critical study of housing policies of many countries, this paper emphasize the importance of a concrete housing policy and will develop the basis on which housing guidelines can be worked out. In case of Pakistan, National Housing Policy 2001 is analyzed. The factors that hindered the proper implementation are also highlighted. This paper attempts to put forward some recommendations that can be a part of Pakistan’s housing policy. Hence, this research tries to shape up the housing guidelines in order to make housing more affordable.

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Tariq, D. F., Salman, M., Hasan, J., Zafar, Z., Malik, S., Nawaz, M., Gul, A., & Sheikh, N. (2018). Appraisal of National Housing Policy-A Case of Pakistan. Technical Journal, 23(03), 1-8. Retrieved from

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