On Nearly c-permutable Subgroups of Finite Groups

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Abid Mahboob
Iftikhar Ali
Faisal Shahzad
Muhammad Altaf
Taswer Hussain


Let H, Q are the subgroups of a nite group G. If HQ G and H \Q HncG, where HncG is generated by those subgroups of H whichare weakly c-permutable in G, then H is said to be nearly c-permutablein G. We give some characterizations of a group by using nearlyc-permutablity of groups.

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Mahboob, A., Ali, I., Shahzad, F., Altaf, M., & Hussain, T. (2019). On Nearly c-permutable Subgroups of Finite Groups. Technical Journal, 24(02). Retrieved from https://tj.uettaxila.edu.pk/index.php/technical-journal/article/view/680