Performance Analysis of BPSK-OFDM and DQPSK-OFDM Schemes for Wireless Communication System

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Dr. Engr. Bhagwan Das


The mobile communication system isinterfered with multipath fading. At transmitter end,the signals are received from different angle and time.This result in, delay in the signal of reflections fromthe different obstructions. In order to solve thisproblem, Orthogonal Frequency DivisionMultiplexing (OFDM) is introduced. In this paper,OFDM technology is used that gives the best BitError Rate (BER) performance in a multipath fadingenvironment using computer simulation. The systemimplements using two different phase modulationswhich are, Differential Quadrature Phase ShiftKeying (DQPSK) and Binary Phase Shift Keying(BPSK). Subsequently, ideal and worst cases of thecommunication channel models are alsodemonstrated. The system is designed usingMATLAB coding for BPSK-OFDM and DQPSKOFDM are written under various physical pathconditions such as; Additive White Gaussian Noise(AWGN) and Rayleigh multipath fading channel. It isdefined that using proposed technique, the Eb/No=6,the BER is 0.00259x10-2 is achieved for underAWGN. The Eb/No=6 is 0.05302x10-1 is attained forRayleigh, Eb/No=6dB is 0.00259x10-2recorded whilefor fultipath Rayleigh. The result shows that the BERperformance for BPSK-OFDM is better than DQPSKOFDM.

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