Preparation of Low Cost Foam Concrete Using Detergent

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Abdul Waheed
Muhammad Usman Arshid
Saqib Mehboob
Afaq Ahmed
Tahir Sultan


This study consisted of foam concrete preparation by using local detergent and comparing its properties with commercially used foam concrete and plain cement mortar. Nine mixes of foam concrete with seven samples each were prepared, according to ASTM C-192/C 192M-02, standard 150 mm cube by varying percentages of cement (55-65%), sand (35-45%) and local detergent (0.35-0.45% by weight of cement); with water to cement ratio as 0.6. Similarly, three mixes of plain cement mortar and one mix of foam concrete using commercial FA (Foaming Agent) with seven samples each were prepared. Different parameters were compared in this study, like compressive strength, density, water absorption and acid resistance. In this study it was concluded that foam concrete prepared by mixing of cement 60, sand 40% with detergent of 0.4% by weight of cement to be the best possible mix out of the selected mix ratios without compromising the engineering properties of concrete.

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Waheed, A., Arshid, M., Mehboob, S., Ahmed, A., & Sultan, T. (2020). Preparation of Low Cost Foam Concrete Using Detergent. Technical Journal, 24(04), 1-7. Retrieved from
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Saqib Mehboob, UET Taxila

Civil Engineering Department Assistant Professor

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