The Investigation of heat transfer performance of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

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Hafiz Muhammad Zubair
Adeel Qadir
Hafiz Muhammad Ahmed Zeshan
Hafiz Muhammad Osaid
Syed Arslan Ali Shah


Objective of this research is to investigate the heat transfer performance of STHE (Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger).
For this purpose, STHE with baffles and without baffles have been modelled in MATLAB Simulink, by using its block diagrams. Simulink models have been developed by using NTU (Number of Transfer Units) effectiveness method. Both models are verified mathematically by using NTU effectiveness heat transfer equations. Heat transfer and outlet temperature of cold fluid are achieved at different inlet temperature of hot fluid. Reference value of inlet temperature of hot fluid is set at 500, 480, 460, 440 and 420 °C and different values of heat transfer and outlet temperature of cold fluid are achieved. After that, comparisons between baffles and without baffles model have been developed for STHE performance. Greater heat is transferred in baffles model instead of other without baffles model at same inlet conditions. Cold fluid outlet temperature is better in baffles model instead of without baffles model. Moreover, a non-linear direct relationship is found between inlet temperature of hot fluid and outlet temperature of the cold fluid. Heat transfer rate is decreased by decreasing the inlet temperature of hot fluid.  Hence, this research proves that baffles or cross flow shell and tube heat exchangers gives the batter heat transfer as compare to counter flow STHE.

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Adeel Qadir, The University of Lahore

Adeel Qadir Mechanical Engineering Department Lab- Engineer 

Hafiz Muhammad Ahmed Zeshan, MTC, Nescom

Hafiz Muhammad Ahmed Zeshan Maritime Complex, Nescom Assistant Manager

Hafiz Muhammad Osaid, University of Management and Technology

Hafiz Muhammad Osaid Industrial Engineering Department Assistant Professor

Syed Arslan Ali Shah, The University of Lahore

Arslan  department of Mechanical Technology Lecturer