The Role of Website Design Artifacts on Consumer Attitude and Behavioral Intentions in Online Shopping

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Nabeela Ashraf
Muhammad Nadeem Faisal
Sohail Jabbar
Muhammad Asif Habib


With the widespread usage of the Internet, retailers moved enormously towards e-commerce. To get success in e-commerce, retailers must consider the liking and disliking of consumers in their website designs. Because of the easy availability of numerous online shopping websites, consumers are now choosy and selective in using these websites. It is important for retailers to know about consumers’ attitude and behavioral intentions so that they design websites according to the consumers’ requirements and reach their profit objectives. Several types of research have been conducted on the importance of web design artifacts and their effects on customer attitude and behavioral intentions. In this study, the review of four website design attributes i.e., visual design (color, typography), navigation design, content design, and interactive design is presented along with their influence on consumer attitude and behavioral intentions in e-commerce sites. This study is expected to enhance our understanding of the importance of website design artifacts on consumer attitude and behavioral intentions and assist companies who want to make their business goals come true.

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