Analysis of Low Productivity in Public Sector Automobile

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Muhammad Qasim Khan
Syed Athar Masood
Shahzad Naeem Qureshi


Public sector automobile rebuild industry plays an important role towards national economy in developing countries. Nevertheless, productivity of these public sector organizations remains generally very low as compared to private sector organizations which thrive due to competitive market pressures and profitability. This paper attempts to identify reasons for low productivity in public sector automobile rebuild organizations of Pakistan. Towards this end, one of the biggest public sector automobile rebuild organization was selected. Primary data related to productivity measurement was collected from the selected organization. Thereafter, data regarding causes of low productivity was collected qualitatively by conducting semi-structured interviews with open ended questions from thirty two top and middle and supervisor level management professionals. Results indicate that reasons for low productivity in public sector automobile rebuild organizations are diverse variety of vehicles, poor classification/inspection of parts with diluted skill of inspectors, lengthy public procurement procedures, limitation of trading-off between price and acceptable quality of spare parts, improper maintenance, use of outdated tools/test equipment, rework & quality issues, ignorance about productivity cycle, tools and techniques, shortage and imbalance of technical human resource/equipment, unsafe working environment, absence of performance audit, nonagility, limited automation, huge inventories, supply chain anomalies, lack of accountability, bureaucratic culture and deviation from standard engineeringpractices.  

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