Developing Countries Perspective on Housing Affordability: Recommendations for Pakistan RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PAKISTAN

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Dr. Fariha Tariq
Zunaira Zafar
Muhammad Salman
Javeria Hasan
Minahil Nawaz
Areesha Gul
Sana Malik
Nida Batool Sheikh


The rapid urbanization during the last few decades has created severe problems of housing especially in the major cities of Pakistan. Housing shortage and enormous rise in housing prices create unaffordability of housing. Most of the people in Pakistan are suffering from housing unaffordability even after allocating major portion of their incomes on housing. The focus of this paper is to identify the factors impeding housing affordability. Different parameters have been identified; these include location, design efficiency, construction material, infrastructure, services, neighborhood design and financial assistance. This paper highlights, how all these parameters could be made effective in order to realize the goal of making housing affordable.

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