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Technical journal is a multidisciplinary journal in the field of engineering science and technology that offers platform for researchers, engineers and scientists to publish their original and to date research of high scientific value. It is a double blind peer-reviewed open access academic journal, published quarterly by University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila, Pakistan. Articles published in the Journal illustrate innovations, developments and achievements in the field of engineering and technology. The journal is being published electronically as well as in print form.

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Vol 3 No ICACEE (2024): Special Issue-Proceedings of 3rd ICACEE-2024

  All the papers published in Proceedings of 3rd ICACEE (2024) will not be considered as Journal Category Papers in the 'Technical Journal'. The status of these papers will remain as conference paper under ISBN: 978-969-23675-2-3. The 3rd International Conference on Advances in Civil and Environmental Engineering (ICACEE-2024) was focused on addressing pressing challenges and exploring innovative solutions within the fields of Civil and Environmental Engineering. As an annual conference, the goal of ICACEE-2024 is to bring together a multi-disciplinary group of highly cited researchers and engineers from all over the world to present and exchange breakthrough ideas related to Civil and Environmental Engineering. With a diverse range of conference themes spanning sustainable structures and materials, innovative construction methods, construction industry issues, conservation of water resources, climate change mitigation, and more, the conference provided a comprehensive platform for attendees to gain insights into the latest advancements and emerging trends. ICACEE-2024 aimed to foster a holistic approach toward addressing complex engineering and environmental issues by emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and the integration of technological advancements. Furthermore, the conference underscored the significance of aligning research efforts with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), highlighting the critical role of the engineering community in promoting environmental sustainability and societal well-being.    

Published: 2024-05-22

Effect of Crumb Rubber on Fresh and Mechanical Behaviour of OPC-based Concrete

Aiman Saleem, Shehroze Ali, Muhammad Talha Ghafoor, Muhammad Imran


Influence of NaOH concentration on Mechanical Properties of Fly Ash-Slag based Geopolymer Concrete

Muhammad Talha - Ghafoor, Shehroze Ali, Muhammad Imran, Muqaddas Saeed


The Optimizing High-Performance Concrete using SCMs: A Review of Mechanical and Durability Properties

Muhammad Zohaib, Muhammad Waqas Malik, Osama Ahmad Pirzada, Abdus samad Afridi


Finite Element Simulations of Retrofitted Recycled Aggregate Concrete Columns Having FRP Bars

Raja Tufail Hussain Khan, Muhammad Abbas Ali, Shahir Ahmad Safi, Ali Raza, Muhammad Arshad


Predictions of ANN Model for Axial Strength of FRP-Confined CFST Columns

Khawaja Zain Nadeem, Rizwan Ahmad, Talha Mohsin, Qaiser Uz Zaman Khan, Ali Raza


Hybrid Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Compressive Members Using Fiber-Reinforced Polymers

Nihal Shafiq, Saleh Muhammad, Azhar Nauman, Qaiser uz Zaman Khan, Ali Raza


Strengthening of Concrete Columns using NSM GFRP Bars

Saad Ilyas, Muhammad Abdul Ahad, Muhammad Moazzam Ali, Shehzad Saleem


Structural Efficiency of Fiber-Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete Confined with CFRP Sheets

Abdullah Adnan, Muhammad Talha Farooq, Yousef Sheikh Pervez, Ali Raza, Muhammad Arshad


Research Article Adopting Saw Dust for Insulative Block Masonry in Simple Frame Structure as Energy Conservation Product

Muhammad Ali, Syed Shujaa Safdar Gardezi, Asim Farooq, Muhammad Ishfaq Khattak, Syed Saqib Ul Husnain


A Review of Testing of Natural Fibers: Form Theory to Practice

Muhammad Ali, Arsalan Khalid, Asim Farooq, Muhammad Ishfaq Khattak, Syed Saqib Ul Husnain


Self- Geopolymer Composites for Sustainable Development: A Compacting Review

Hasnain Ali, Muhammad Iqrar, Haider Ali, Muhammad Arshad, Ali Raza


Effects of Hybrid Fibers on Mechanical Behavior of Nanocomposites

Muhammad Awaib Bhutta, Muhammad Nadeem, Syed Najmul Hassan, Ali Raza, Hammad Haider


Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of Rotary Friction Welded Aluminum Rods

Haris Khalid, Saqlain Arshad, Adnan Mumtaz, Asim Farooq, Muhammad Ishfaq Khattak


To Evaluate the Safe and Economical RCC Multistory Building W.R.T Shape and Analysis Method in all Seismic Zones of Pakistan

Usman Abdullah, Yasir Rasheed, Abdul Hafiz, Syed Saqib Ul Husnain, Shakir Haider Haider, Asim Farooq Farooq


Performance Evaluation of Pre-Damaged Fire Effected Deep Beams

Subhan Saeed, M. Fiaz Tahir, Waseem Ahmed


Hazard Materials-free Geopolymer Binders for Concrete

Green Concrete

Muhammad Umair Raza, Hassan Akhtar, Muhammad Awais, Saqib Mehboob


Effect of Curing Condition on Bentonite Concrete

Sameer Ali, Abdul Rafay, Hezbullah Khan, Fayzan Raees


Recycled Aggregate Concrete Made with Various Types of Effluents: A Step Towards Green Concrete

A Step Towards Green Concrete

Malik Ehtisham Saqlain, Abdur Rehman Khalid Khan, Ammar Ahamad, Qaiser-uz-Zaman Khan, Ali Raza


The Star Rating of an Urban Arterial Road using IRAP methodology

abid nazir, Anam Ramzan, Muhammad Bilal Khurshid


Analysis of Students’ Travel Mode Choice Behaviour: A Case Study in Oman

Nazam Ali, Muhammad Ashraf Javid, Muhammad Abdullah, Muhammad Zeeshan


To Analyze the Role of CPEC in Fostering Economic Growth in Pakistan: Case Study of Pakistan

Imtiaz Ahmad, syed Hussnain Saqib, Asim Farooq, Ishfaq Khattak


Train Approach Warning System (TAWS) in Pakistan Railways

Muhammad Sarmad Javed, Muhammad Usama, Muhammad Bilal Qamar, Asim Farooq, Muhammad Ishfaq Khattak


Critical Analysis and Designing of Transit Framework: Case Study of Lahore, Pakistan

Syed Saqib Ul Husnain, Asim Farooq, Muhammad Ishfaq Khattak, Muhammad Ali, Usman Abdullah


Sustainable Roadside Parking Solutions in Urban Areas

Saad Javed, Amanat Ali, Mohammad Mujtaba, Jamal Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Bilal Khurshid


A Comparative Study of Traditional Methods of Train Detection and Innovative Approaches Using Image Processing

Muhammad Usama, Muhammad Sarmad Javed; Ramla Shahid, Qamar Bilal; Asim Farooq, Muhammad Ishfaq Khattak


The Asphalt mix design with Electronic Waste Aggregates

Syed Bilal Ahmed Zaidi, Haseeb Murtaza, Umair Mukhtiar, Muhammad Osama, Ali Rafique


Risk-Taking Behaviour of Pedestrians on National Highways

Laraib Fatima, Dr M Bilal Khurshid, Dr Jamal Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Usman Subhani, Muhammad Hadeed, Tayyab Aasim


Performance Evaluation of Plastic Road

Muhammad Usama, Imran Hafeez


Lateral Load Analysis of Piled Raft Foundation: A Review

Mohammad Ilyas Siddiqi, Irfan Jamil, Muhammad Atif Hussain, Sami ullah


Strength Amplification of Expansive Soil Using Phosphogypsum

Muhammad Jabran, Dr Naveed Ahmad, Gul Rukh Nizam, Muhammad Junaid Khan, Hammad Raza


Reliability Analysis of Slope based on Fellenius’s and Bishop’s Method

Bilal Ahmed, Faharidine Mahamoudou, Muhammad Usama Aslam, Musaab Suliman


Applications of Artificial Neural Networks for the Prediction of Subgrade CBR Values

Muhammad jawad, Muhammad Amaad Muzaffar, Muhammad Dawood Mushtaq, Naveed Ahmad; Shaheera sharib


Monitoring Ungauged Manchar Lake (Pakistan) using ICESAT-2 Data

Shahryar Jamali, Arjumand Zaidi, Tauqeer Ali, Jasra Rehman, Areeb Ul Haque


Sloping Perspectives: Investigating Flow Hydrodynamics in Vegetated Open-Channels Under Varying Bed Slope

Nadir Murtaza, Ghufran Ahmed Pasha, Ahmed Murtaza, Afzal Ahmed, Hammad Raza, Muhammad Ashraf Khalid


Efficiency of Water Supply System of Kaghan Valley during High Influx of Visitors

Muhammad Numan, Hassan Tahir, Zubair Hafeez, Najam Us Saqib


Study of River Chenab Morphology Upstream Panjnad Barrage

Muhammad Hamza Ali, Naveed Anjum, Muhammad Abdul Rehman, Muhammad Danish Kaleem, Zaheer Ahmed


Rainfall Trends and Water Resources: An In-depth Analysis of Punjab, Pakistan

Abdul Rahman aftab, Asim Farooq, Muhammad Ishfaq Khattak, Muhammad Bilal Qamar


Numerical Simulation of Three-Dimensional Flow in a Patchy Vegetated Compound Channel

Jawad Ashraf, Muhammad Ahmad, Naveed Anjum, Usman Ghani


National Water Policy and Its Likely Effects on Urban Water Management

Salman Khalid, Haris Khalid, Mehroz Bin Ayub, Muhammad Ishfaq Khattak, Asim Farooq


Enhancing Discharge Capacity of Piano Key Weir by Varying Number of Cycles

Muhammad Osama, M Salman Khaliq, Umair Mukhtiar, Mujahid Iqbal


Numerical Modelling of Flow Behaviour Over a Circular Crested Trapezoidal Weir

Saad Alam Shah, Usman Ghani, Muhammad Hasnain Tariq, Kashif Iqbal, Waleed Khalid


Flash Flood prediction of Panjkora River, KPK, Using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Support Vector Machine (SVM)

Mutajab Ali, Muhammad Taha, Muhammad Saqlain Aziz, Haseeb Ahmed, Hassam Ahmed


Effective Strategies for Plastic Waste Management

Shamiyan Khan, Erum Aamir, Annas Noroz Khan


Evaluation of the Physical and Chemical Properties of Drinking Water in Higher Educational Institutions in Islamabad

Asim Qayyum Butt, Mirza Sajid Baig, Donghui Shangguan, Waqas Ahmad, Shahbaz Khalid, Syeda Aqsa Gillani, Ghulam Yaseen, Shaukat Ali Khan


A Review of Indoor Air Cleaning Technologies

Bilal Asif, Janees Suleman, Jahanzaib Ali, Babar Sultan


Nature-Based Solution for the Treatment of Wastewater using Wetlands

Saimar Pervez, Talha Ahmed Khan, Farwa Zafar, Adil Mahmood Khan, Ahsam Masood, Muhammad Ahmad, Adil Khan


Use of Natural Coagulants (Moringa Oleifera) for Drinking Water Treatment

Muhammad Usman Subhani, Laraib Fatima, Engr. Nayab Zahra


Development and Application of Low-Cost Filtration System for the Treatment of Greywater of a Mosque

Saimar Pervez, Laiba Ahmed, Adeel Asif, Khawaja Zawar Ahmed, Kamran Manzoor, Babar Abbas, Muhammad Usman Saleem


Designing and installation of Two Groundwater Recharging Wells at UET Taxila

Babar Abbas, Saimar Pervez, Niaz Ali, Ramish Ahmed, Urwah Azam, Imran Azam, Sohail Naqvi, Fiza Sadiq, Masood Arshad


A Review on Advances in Mapping Landslide Susceptibility

Muhammad Atif Hussain, Irfan Jamil, Mohammad Ilyas Siddiqi, Shah Fahad, Sahibzada Hamza Jan


Mapping Groundwater Potential Zones in Quetta Region, Balochistan, Pakistan using Geospatial Techniques

Areeb Ul Haq Shaikh, Abdul Latif Qureshi, Muhammad Afzal Jamali, Arjumand Zaidi, Shahryar Jamali


Geospatial Integration of Primavera P6 in Engineering Project Management: A Case Study of Imarat Group in Pakistan

Muhammad Umair, Muhammad Sohaib Raza, Shahab Naveed Rashid, Aymen Zia, Khurram Iqbal Ahmad Khan


Role of Quantity Surveyors for Waste Reduction in Road Construction Projects in Pakistan

Usman Aftab, Farrokh Jaleel, Mughees Aslam, Rafiq Mansoor


Designing an ESP-32 IoT-Based Fall Prevention Early Warning System for Workers’ Safety

Hanzallah Abid Abid Muhmood, Adeel Asif, Rana Jahanzaib Ali Khan, Muhammad Shehryar, Yahya Abdul Rehman


Improving the Concrete Slab Insulation by using Pine Needle Fiber

Noman Shahzad, Arshad Ullah, Majid Ali


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