Analyzing Protection offered by Nomex against Resistance Characteristics

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Mehreen Ijaz
Farzana Kishwar


Nature is unpredictable and so are accidents. Since industrial revolution, history has recorded many industrial disasters. Scientists for decades have studied circumstances leading up to such accidents, they conclude if proper safety mechanisms are installed at industries, life of workers at these industries can be saved in such situations. Man has to expose himself to different environments for various purposes to carry out daily activities of life. Each environment carries distinctive features or elements and each feature requires different expression of protection and safety. For example, protective measures for medical personnel are entirely different from a military officer. Clothes have been integral part of human life since the beginning of time. Humans have not only been using clothes to fulfill their social or emotional needs but also as a mean of protection. The study was experimental in nature. It was aimed at developing Nomex fabric and assessing its resistance characteristics against water, chemical and fire to provide protection to its wearer. The prepared fabric was also evaluated after various washing intervals in order to know its performance behavior. Ring spun yarns were produce to manufacture a Nomex fabric by following certain construction parameters. Plain interlacing pattern was adopted. The resistance characteristics were evaluated by following international safety standards. Water resistance was measured through absorbency test AATCC-79 and vertical wicking test AATCC-197 both in warp and weft directions. Chemical resistance was determined through ISO 6530:2005 by calculating the percentage values of penetration and resistance index. Flame resistance was evaluated by following vertical flame test ASTM D6413 with char length and after flame.  The results depicted that Nomex was able to provide adequate protection to its wearer, if manufactured with adequate construction parameters. It has the ability to resist water, chemical and fire that can offer best solution to the one working at industrial station. The manufactured fabric showed complete resistance against water and selected liquid chemicals even after various washing intervals. Moreover, it can also be considered as fire resistant material as char length and after-flame was adequate according to the safety standard.

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