Effect of Laundering on Tensile Strength of Chemical Protective Clothing Materials

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Mehreen Ijaz
Samia Kalsoom
Niaz Ahmed Akthar


The present study aims at determining the effect of laundering on the tensile strength of locally manufactured chemical protective clothing materials used in various fertilizer-manufacturing units in Pakistan. The research work was performed at Nishat Mills Limited (Dyeing and Finishing Unit). These samples were evaluated for their tensile strength both in the warp and weft directions at various laundering intervals by following Strip method ISO-13934-1. All the data was analyzed through SPSS version 22. As the data was observed on repeated washing cycles, repeated measurement analysis of variance (ANOVA) was applied to measure the significance of variouswashes on tensile strength of samples. A decreasing trend was observed in the tensile strength of all testedsample both in their warp and weft directions after various laundering intervals. Out of these, sample F showed better performance till the 20th wash as compared to the other samples due to the inherentproperties of polyester fiber. The p-value (0.000) also suggested that there was a significant statisticaldifference in the tensile strength of samples after various laundering cycles. It was concluded thatcollected locally manufactured protective clothing materials were not adequate to use, as they failed tomeet the required international safety standards.

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Ijaz, M., Kalsoom, S., & Akthar, N. (2019). Effect of Laundering on Tensile Strength of Chemical Protective Clothing Materials. Technical Journal, 24(01), 63-68. Retrieved from https://tj.uettaxila.edu.pk/index.php/technical-journal/article/view/448