Performance Analysis of Vertical Fins as Shading Strategy in commercial buildings in Lahore; emphasizing on the optimal depth of Vertical fin

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Memoona Rasheed
Adnan Jalil
Ayesha Mehmood Malik
Saima Gulzar


The building all over the world demand huge amount of energy for space heating, cooling and daylighting. This trend has raised concerns for energy consumption. Energy efficient buildings have become a norm to counter the issue. In this context, building envelope is very important and it should act as a filter for unwanted climatic conditions. Excessive amount of heat gain has become a concern due to increased WWR and glazed facades in commercial buildings all over the world. Shading is a passive strategy which can prove fruitful in this scenario. This research is carried out to understand the dimension of vertical fins and to evaluate the impact of Vertical Fins on performance of a window opening. The depth of shade is calculated first and then the designed shade is evaluated through simulation. This study is conducted for the climate conditions and geographical values of Lahore with a semi arid climate. Results show the reduction in energy consumption is highest on East after installation of vertical shades
Key Words---- Energy Consumption, Vertical Fins, Thermal Performance, Semi-Arid climate, Heat Gain

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