Performance Metrics of Fixed and Dynamic Shading in The Semi Arid Climate of Lahore for Commercial Buildings

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Memoona Rasheed
Ayesha Mehmood Malik
Saima Gulzar


The commercial buildings are using huge amount of energy for heating, cooling, lighting the space and for maintaining the thermal comfort within the buildings. One of the main contributing factor is the façade design of these buildings. Window is one of the significant component of building façades as it provides high air leakage and least insulation point in the façade. In hot climate like that of Lahore, excessive amount of heat gain occurs due to increased Window Wall Ratio and glazed facades. Energy efficient facades usually have designed windows and lesser glazed surfaces. The energy efficient design of windows includes solar control which is achieved through shading devices.  This research is carried out to understand the efficiency of moveable /automated shading device over conventional fixed shading device on energy performance of a window opening. The simulation is conducted for the climate conditions and geographical values of Lahore with a semi-arid climate. The results of the simulation showed that the installation of moveable shading devices always reduce the energy consumption in the buildings more as compared to the conventional fixed shading and is always advantageous. The benefits of the moveable / automated shade is evident on all orientations.

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