Need for Energy Proficient Buildings as Solution towards Energy Stability in Pakistan

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Ayesha Mehmood Malik
Muhammad Yusuf Awan


With increasing population and demands there is a constant noticeable need for energy supply. In this scenario various methods have been devised to meet these energy demands to ensure its viable resource. There has been a noticeable energy crisis situation in many countries like Pakistan that has badly affected its financial and developmental stability. This paper aims to first identify the efforts that are being made by the related departments to address this dilemma based upon the conservation policies and building bylaws followed by discussion on key areas like buildings design, layout and orientation, thermal insulation and day lighting as parameters to be addressed in this area of research. This study is a generalized research to highlight the need of energy proficient buildings thus making our cities energy proficient cities and other solutions in Pakistan keeping in view of the energy preservation and proficiency as architectural design solutions. The study states that with the use of these energy proficient buildings the energy demands can be reduced its effectiveness has be multiplied. The research concludes that the devising energy proficient buildings thus developing smart cities in Pakistan we can save significant energy for our daily use that will affect our economy directly.

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