Medical Image Registration: Components and Performance

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Fakhre Alam
Sami Ur Rahman
Fawad Qayum


In medical image analysis, registration is the process of aligning two or more input images into a single image which provide more information. Registration process involves the estimation of optimal transformation that best aligns the objects of interest in the input images. The objective of this paper is to analyse the general concepts, components and performance of registration in medical imaging. Our approach of analysis is unique from already published work because we have performed detailed investigation on the components and performance of medical image registration. The knowledge on the work that has been developed in the area is presented in a compact form. The contribution to image registration includes the provision of a useful platform for the re­searchers and clinicians in the field and a reference for those searching for literature on the general concepts about this hot area of research.

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Alam, F., Rahman, S., & Qayum, F. (2020). Medical Image Registration: Components and Performance. Technical Journal, 25(03), 57-68. Retrieved from
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Sami Ur Rahman, University of Malakand

Assistant Professor

Fawad Qayum, University of Malakand

Assistant Professor