Tetra-band Transparent Antenna for Future 5G Applications

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Muhammad Zahid
Momna Shahbaz
Shahroz Ali
Yasar Amin
Jonathan Loo


This paper presents the design of a 5G transparent antenna made of plexiglass substrate having dimensions of 35 x 25 mm2 with weather resistance, UV radiation protection, and comprehensive color activities. It is made up of a radiating patch of solid cylinders, a rectangular stub linked to a solid cylinder, and a whole ground plane with cuts on it. This antenna's lumped port is placed in the top right corner of the substrate, enabling feeding in the upward direction from ground to patch. By adjusting the position of the port, different antenna characteristics can be noticed. This antenna covers the four frequency bands in which one band of 5G spectrum in three distinct areas ranging from frequency ranging of (3100-3800) MHz. An antenna model is shown and explained, as well as numerous characteristics such as the S-parameter, gain plot, and radiation pattern plot. The simulated result of this antenna shows that it is the best fit for future 5G applications due to its transparent characteristic, lightweight, simplicity of usage, and large attainable frequency bandwidth.

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Zahid, M., Shahbaz, M., Ali, S., Amin, Y., & Loo, J. (2022). Tetra-band Transparent Antenna for Future 5G Applications. Technical Journal, 27(01), 40-45. Retrieved from https://tj.uettaxila.edu.pk/index.php/technical-journal/article/view/1674

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