OLED Based Transparent MIMO Antennas for Future 5G mm-Wave Applications

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Muhammad Asim
Wajeeha Batool
Muhammad Zahid
Yasar Amin
Muhammad Awais Azam


The proposed paper offers the layout to integrate on Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) an optically transparent antenna for 5th Generation wireless communication. The wideband antenna is depicted on a glass substrate which has relative permittivity =5.5 and is optically transparent and compact. The radiative patch and a ground plane are its key components which uses PEC material. The suggested antenna is a chain of small isosceles triangle cells (micrometric) placed on the substrate made of glass to attain wideband characteristics. With the assistance of triangle-shaped symmetry, the theoretical optical transparency obtained is about 95%. The antenna proposed covers the band of 39 GHz from 38.19 GHz to 40 GHz with the bandwidth of 1.81 GHz. It covers gain of 4.263 dB and directivity of about 4.65 dB. Simulated results show that this antenna is applicable for 5G applications due to its transparency, low profile, flexibility, and wide achievable frequency bandwidth.

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Asim, M., Batool, W., Zahid, M., Amin, Y., & Azam, M. (2022). OLED Based Transparent MIMO Antennas for Future 5G mm-Wave Applications. Technical Journal, 27(01), 46-52. Retrieved from https://tj.uettaxila.edu.pk/index.php/technical-journal/article/view/1675

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