Compact Printed MIMO Antenna for Future Generation n79, LTE-46/47 Applications

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Muhammad Zahid
Muhammad Muqadas Taqdeer
Usman Shahid
Muhammad SamiUllah
Yasar Amin
Nirman Bhowmike


In this paper, a compact multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO) antenna is presented for C-band (n79, LTE-46/47) applications. The presented two-element antenna has a compact size of 27×27 mm2 that is printed on an economical fr4 substrate with a thickness of 0.8 mm, The rectangular patch of the antenna consists of two parallel narrow slots at both sides of the patch. These parallel slots are used to get better isolation between the two elements of the antenna. The rectangular patch of the antenna also consists of a range shape slot cut by the upper side of radiating patch. A 50Ω impedance line is used to feed the antenna.  The proposed antenna has partial ground that helps to get wider bandwidth. The antenna operates at a frequency of 4.42 GHz which is included in the 5G frequency band and sub-THz frequency band. The antenna has a bandwidth of 2.45 GHz. The Peak Gain of the antenna is 7.1 dB which is suitable for portable C-band (n79, LTE-46/47) applications. Optimization using simulation and fabrication shows that the proposed antenna can provide requisite gain, reasonable bandwidth, and high radiation efficiency in resonant frequency bands.

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Zahid, M., Taqdeer, M., Shahid, U., SamiUllah, M., Amin, Y., & Bhowmike, N. (2023). Compact Printed MIMO Antenna for Future Generation n79, LTE-46/47 Applications. Technical Journal, 28(04), 47-52. Retrieved from

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