Fault Tolerance Techniques in Cloud and Distributed Computing: A Review

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Shahid Farid
Mariya Hussain


Computing System is a combination of different computers and associated software which can share common memory. Cloud computing use data centers and provide services across the Internet. Distributed computing is a single coherent system of independent computers. In cloud and distributed computing the defective infrastructure is the main issue. Fault Tolerance (FT) techniques minimize the failure effect on computing environment. This study discusses and presents a comprehensive analysis of the current FT techniques in cloud and distributed environment. A comparison and critical evaluation of common FT techniques in cloud and distributed computing is also performed. An intensive literature review was adopted to identify current FT techniques in both environments. Result shows that some reactive FT techniques are common in both cloud and distributed computing and check-pointing technique is the optimal among all the techniques in both types of computing. We can safely conclude that a system with FT techniques is essential to get reliability and availability of the system that are of the most important services. For this reason a competent FT method is necessary to guards the system from failures or faults.

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