A Framework for the Privacy and Security Issues of Web Based Systems

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Ghazia Qaiser
Shahid Farid
Mubshra Qadir
Dr Mujahid Alam
Dr Maruf Pasha


Today’s world Internet is burgeoning rapidly and assisting people in very field of life. Along with tremendous increase in use of web applications, the vulnerabilities associated with Web Based Applications Systems (WBAS) are also arising. As Internet is fundamental for accessing web based systems which is inherently an insecure medium and accessible to all type of users. Hence, websites are becoming an attractive target for various types of cybercrime activities including data breaches, buffer overflow, ransom ware, and fake technical support scams. Therefore, this study contributes to identify crucial security challenges and threats encountered by the web based systems following intensive literature reviewing more than 40 research articles in well renowned journals and conferences. Furthermore, this study contributes to formulate a taxonomy classifying the identified challenges into two major categories include client side and website attacks. Additionally, a framework has also been proposed in order to prevent various security threats on both client and website perspectives.

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Qaiser, G., Farid, S., Qadir, M., Alam, D. M., & Pasha, D. M. (2018). A Framework for the Privacy and Security Issues of Web Based Systems. Technical Journal, 23(01), 69-77. Retrieved from https://tj.uettaxila.edu.pk/index.php/technical-journal/article/view/661