Enhancement in Quality of Services Using Integrated Services in 4G Cellular Network

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Shahid Farid
Attique Ur Rehman


Mobile communication is considered as one of the most critical issues in the domain of cellular networks. A cellular network implements the appropriate network model to support packet data services at high speed. The core of the packet data service model is an important part of quality of service. In order to provide support to different quality of services, multi-services are configured in universal mobile telecommunication systems.  This research work addresses the enhancement of quality of services using integrated services in radio access 4G cellular network. To enhance integrated services, a resource reservation protocol is implemented at Radio Access Network (RAN) layer and is deployed to enhance the QoS. The most common aims of this research include to implement the architecture for integrated services, QoS classes mapping into a universal mobile telecommunication system (UMTS).The ultimate benefits are to provide a wide range of 4G services for mobile users which addresses the fast multimedia services and error free Internet facilities with efficiency and consistency, which resulted in the provision of QoS services at high speed. This research work also draws the comparative analysis between integrated services and differentiated services for each class of traffic problems as well.

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